Three talks at SPIE Medical Imaging

We are excited to be presenting three talks at the upcoming SPIE Medical Imaging meeting

  • Z. Liu, R. Laforest, J. Mhlanga, T. Fraum, M. Itani, F. Dehdashti, B. A. Siegel, A. K. Jha, “Observer study-based evaluation of a stochastic and physics-based method to generate oncological PET images” (link to proceedings and presentation) (arxiv)
  • Z. Yu, M. A. Rahman, R. Laforest, T. H. Schindler, A.  K. Jha. “A physics and learning-based transmission-less attenuation compensation method for SPECT” (link to proceedings and presentation) (arxiv)

In case you are attending and have any questions or feedback, please do reach out! Looking forward to this meeting.

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