Reliable (accurate and precise) quantification of dose requires reliable absolute quantification of regional activity uptake. This is especially challenging for alpha-particle emitting radiopharmaceutical therapies due to the complex emission spectra, the very low number of detected counts, the impact of stray-radiation-related noise at these low counts, and other image-degrading processes such as attenuation, scatter, and collimator-detector response. To address these challenges, we are developing ultra-low-count quantitative SPECT methods that  directly estimates the regional activity uptake from the projection data, obviating the reconstruction step. This makes the problem more well-posed and avoids reconstruction-related information loss. These methods compensate for radioisotope and SPECT physics, including the isotope spectra, scatter, attenuation, and collimator-detector response, using Monte Carlo-based approaches. Our results based on validations with physical phantoms and virtual imaging trials are showing the accurate performance of these methods, as detailed in the references below.


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