The CMIT Lab Journal Club is open to anyone interested in ongoing computational medical imaging research. A member will present a journal article in the field or present his or her own work. The objective for these meetings is to bounce ideas, learn from each other, and improve scientific communication skills!

Interested in joining the CMI lab journal club? Contact:

Zipinig Liu (liuziping at wustl dot edu)

Md Ashequr Rahman (rahman dot m at wustl dot edu)

Journal Club Schedule

  • Title: Development of AI-based image-analysis method for assessment of carotid atherosclerosis for prediction of stroke by PET/MRI (WashU Imaging Science Program PhD Dissertation Proposal practice talk)
    Presenter: Ran Li
    Date: 10/04/2022
  • Title: Q&A Session for Zekun Li’s PhD Dissertation Proposal practice
    Date: 09/13/2022
  • Title: Projection-domain low-count quantitative SPECT methods for α-particle emitting radiopharmaceutical therapies (WashU BME PhD Dissertation Proposal practice talk)
    Presenter: Zekun Li
    Date: 09/05/2022
  • Title: Investigating the generalizability of AI-based segmentation methods for oncologic PET (CMIT Lab 2022 Summer Internship)
    Presenter: Sainath Vavilapalli
    Date: 08/17/2022
  • Title: Hidden Markov Random Field-based image segmentation method for low-count SPECT in α-particle radiopharmaceutical therapies (CMIT Lab 2022 Summer Internship)
    Presenter: Uttkarsh Chaurasia
    Date: 08/03/2022
  • Title: A Memory-Efficient Dynamic Image Reconstruction Method using Neural Fields
    Presenter: Luke Lozenski
    Date: 07/20/2022
  • Title: Need for objective task-based evaluation of segmentation methods in oncological PET: a study with ACRIN 6668/RTOG 0235 multi-center clinical trial data (2022 SNMMI Annual Meeting practice talk)
    Presenter: Ziping Liu
    Date: 06/01/2022
  • Title: Optimizing model observer performance in learning-based CT reconstruction
    Authors: Ongie G, Sidky EY, Reiser IS, Pan X
    Presenter: Md Ashequr Rahman
    Title: A task-informed model training method for deep neural network-based image denoising
    Authors: Li K, Li H, Anastasio MA
    Presenter: Zitong Yu
    Date: 04/20/2022
  • Title: A guide to Combat harmonization of imaging biomarkers in multicenter studies
    Authors: Orlhac F, Eertink JJ, Cottereau AS, Zijlstra JM, Thieblemont C, Meignan MA, Boellaard R, Buvat I
    Presenter: Yan Liu
    Date: 12/28/2021
  • Title: Adaptive Ensemble of Deep Neural Networks for Robust Denoising in Low-dose CT Imaging (2021 Fully3D Meeting)
    Authors: Wu D, et al
    Presenter: Zekun Li
    Date: 07/28/2021
  • Title: 3D 2-AFC Web Application Development (2021 CMIT Lab Summer Internship)
    Presenter: Madison Rogers
    Date: 07/21/2021
  • Title: A multiple-energy-window projection-domain quantitative SPECT method for joint regional uptake quantification of Th-227 and Ra-223 (2021 International Meeting on Fully Three-Dimensional Image Reconstruction in Radiology and Nuclear Medicine (Fully3D) practice talk)
    Presenter: Zekun Li
    Date: 07/07/2021
  • Title: Patient-specific task-based optimization of image acquisition and reconstruction in SPECT
    Presenter: Md Ashequr Rahman
    Date: 06/21/2021
  • Title: A projection-domain quantification method for absolute quantification with low-count SPECT for alpha-particle radiopharmaceutical therapy (SNMMI 2021 Annual Meeting Practice talk)
    Presenter: Zekun Li
    Date: 05/26/2021
  • Title: Discussion on nuisance parameters
    Presenter: Zitong Yu
    Date: 05/12/2021
  • Title: Is there a role for imaging science in the brave new world of artificial intelligence? 
    Author: Barrett HH
    Presenter: Zekun Li
    Date: 04/14/2021
  • Title: Observer study-based evaluation of a stochastic and physics-based method to generate oncological PET images (SPIE 2021 Medical Imaging Conference practice talk)
    Presenter: Ziping Liu
    Title: Task-based assessment of binned and list-mode SPECT systems (SPIE 2021 Medical Imaging Conference practice talk)
    Presenter: Md Ashequr Rahman
    Title: A physics and learning-based transmission-less attenuation compensation method for myocardial perfusion SPECT (SPIE 2021 Medical Imaging Conference practice talk)
    Presenter: Zitong Yu
    Date: 01/27/2021
  • Title: CT-Less Attenuation Correction in Image Space Using Deep Learning for Dedicated Cardiac SPECT: A Feasibility Study (SNMMI 2020 Annual Meeting)
    Authors: Yang J, Shi L, Wang R, Liu C, Gullberg G, Seo Y
    Presenter: Zitong Yu
    Title: Attenuation Correction for Amyloid and Tau PET Imaging Using Deep Learning Based on 3D UTE/Multi-echo Dixon MR Images (SNMMI 2020 Annual Meeting)
    Authors: Gong K, Han P, Johnson K, El Fakhri G, Ma C, Li Q
    Presenter: Ziping Liu
    Title: A deep learning-based approach for disease detection in the projection space of DAT-SPECT images of patients with Parkinson’s disease (SNMMI 2020 Annual Meeting)
    Authors: Leung K, Shao W, Solnes L, Rowe S, Pomper M, Du Y
    Presenter: Md Ashequr Rahman
    Title: Quantitative Assessment of Deep Learning-enhanced Actual Ultra-low-dose Amyloid PET/MR Imaging (SNMMI 2020 Annual Meeting)
    Authors: Chen K, Holley D, Halbert K, Toueg T, Boumis A, Kennedy G, Mormino E, Khalighi M, Zaharchuk G
    Presenter: Zekun Li
    Date: 08/06/2020
  • Title: Model-based reconstruction in List-mode SPECT (Imaging Science Qualifying Exam practice)
    Presenter: Md Ashequr Rahman
    Date: 07/23/2020
  • Title: AI-based Methods for Nuclear-Medicine Imaging: Need for Objective Task-specific Evaluation (SNMMI Annual Meeting 2020 practice talk)
    Presenter: Zitong Yu
    Title: A Physics-guided and Learning-based Estimation Method for Segmenting 3D DaTscan SPECT Images (SNMMI Annual Meeting 2020 practice talk)
    Presenter: Ziping Liu
    Title: An Estimation-based Segmentation Method to Delineate Tumors in PET Images (SNMMI Annual Meeting 2020 practice)
    Presenter: Ziping Liu
    Date: 06/25/2020
  • Title: A Physics-guided and Learning-based Estimation Method for Segmenting 3D DaTscan SPECT Images (SNMMI Annual Meeting 2020 practice)
    Presenter: Ziping Liu
    Date: 05/28/2020
  • Title: Model-based Reconstruction in List-mode SPECT (Imaging Science Qual Exam practice)
    Presenter: Md Ashequr Rahman
    Date: 05/21/2020
  • Title: Quantitative Ultra-low-count SPECT for Targeted Alpha-particle Therapy (BME Qualifying Exam practice)
    Presenter: Zekun Li
    Date: 05/20/2020
  • Title: Integrating Physics, AI, and Task-specific Evaluation for SPECT reconstruction (BME Qualifying Exam practice)
    Presenter: Zitong Yu
    Date: 05/14/2020
  • Title: Using Machine Learning Methods to Predict the HCC Treatment Response to TACE
    Presenter: Qiming Wang
    Date: 05/07/2020
  • Title: Enhanced Image Registration with a Network Paradigm and Incorporation of a Deformation Representation Model (IEEE ISBI 2020) 
    Presenter: Nuri Choi
    Title: Sex Differences in the Brain: Divergent Results from Traditional Machine Learning and Convolutional Networks (IEEE ISBI 2020)
    Presenter: Qiming Wang
    Date: 04/30/2020
  • Title: Computational Imaging Methods for Analysis of DaTscan SPECT Images (Master’s Thesis practice)
    Presenter: Hae Sol Moon
    Date: 04/23/2020
  • Title: Low-rank Modeling of Local Sinogram Neighborhoods with Tomographic Applications (IEEE ISBI 2020)
    Presenter: Zekun Li
    Title: DISKMASK: Focusing Object Features for Accurate Instance Segmentation of Elongated or Overlapping Objects (IEEE ISBI 2020) 
    Presenter: Claire Zhang
    Date: 04/16/2020
  • Title: 2020 ISBI Conference practice presentations
    Presenters: Md Ashequr Rahman, Zitong Yu, Ziping Liu
    Date: 03/27/2020
  • Title: Measuring uncertainty in deep neural networks (Reading material: Link)
    Presenter: Ran Li
    Date: 12/20/2019
  • Paper title: The Variational Approximation for Bayesian Inference (link)
    Presenter: Andrew Van
    Date: 11/22/2019
  • Paper title: Quantifying the Loss of Information from Binning List-Mode Data (link)
    Presenter: Kaushik Dutta
    Date: 10/11/2019
  • Paper title: Probability of Error for Detecting a Change in a Parameter, Total Variation of the Posterior Distribution, and Bayesian Fisher Information (link)
    Presenter: Ty Easley
  • Paper title: Solving Linear Inverse Problems Using GAN Priors: An Algorithm with Provable Guarantees (link)
    Presenter: Zitong Yu
    Date: 9/6/19
  • Title: 2019 WMIC Conference Practice Presentation
    Presenters: Ziping Liu and Hae Sol Moon
    Date: 08/19/19
  • Title: 2019 Summer Undergraduate Internship Practice Presentation
    Presenter: Qiye Tan and Jinxin Liu
    Date: 08/23/19
  • Paper title: Precipitate shape fitting and reconstruction by means of 3D Zernike functions (link)
    Presenter: Qiye Tan
    Date: 08/13/19
  • Title: Development and evaluation of a model-based downscatter compensation method for quantitative I-131 SPECT (link)
    Presenter: Jinxin Liu
    Date: 08/13/19
  • Title: Predicting Hepatocellular Carcinoma Treatment Response to Trans-arterial Chemoembolization with Convolutional Neural Network (Summer 2019 Internship Presentation)
    Presenter: Tianyao Hao

    Date: 08/05/19
  • Title: No Gold Standard Technique in Imaging Analysis (Summer 2019 Internship Presentation)
    Presenter: Bo Yang

    Date: 08/05/19
  • Title: A Fuzzy Deep-learning-based Fully Automated Segmentation Method in PET Images (Qualify Exam Practice Presentation)
    Presenter: Ziping Liu
    Date: 05/17/19
  • Title: Generative Modeling of Neuroimaging Data using Generative Adversarial Networks (Qualify Exam Practice Presentation)
    Presenter: Andrew Van
    Date: 05/13/19
  • Title: Generative Adversarial Nets
    Presenter: Andrew Van
    Date: 02/18/19
  • Title: Joint Solution for PET Image Segmentation, Denoising, and Partial Volume Correction (link)
    Presenter: Ziping Liu
    Date: 02/04/19
  • Title: Time-of-flight PET data determine the attenuation sinogram up to a constant (Part 2)
    Presenter: Tingting Wu
    Date: 11/13/18
  • Title: Time-of-flight PET data determine the attenuation sinogram up to a constant (Part 1)
    Presenter: Tingting Wu
    Date: 11/06/18
  • Title: Correction for Photon Attenuation without Transmission Measurements Using Compton Scatter Information in SPECT
    Presenter: Fu Li
    Date: 10/30/18
  • Title: Model-based crosstalk compensation for simultaneous 99mTc/123I dual-isotope brain SPECT imaging
    Presenter: Hae Sol Moon
    Date: 10/23/18
  • Title: Improving the Accuracy of Simultaneously Reconstructed Activity and Attenuation Maps Using Deep Learning
    Presenter: Sven Olberg
    Date: 10/16/18
  • Title: Use of measured scatter data for the attenuation correction of single-photon emission tomography without transmission scanning
    Presenter: Peng Lu
    Date: 10/09/18
  • Title: Objective Assessment of Image Quality: II. Fisher Information, Fourier Crosstalk and Figure of Merit for Task Performance (Part 2)
    Presenter: Md Ashequr Rahman
  • Title: Objective Assessment of Image Quality: II. Fisher Information, Fourier Crosstalk and Figure of Merit for Task Performance (Part 1)
    Presenter: Md Ashequr Rahman
  • Title: Non-Local Means Denoising of Dynamic PET Images
    Presenter: Ziping Liu
    Date: 09/11/18
  • Title: Experimental Determination of Object Statistics from Noisy Images
    Presenter: Abhinav Kumar Jha
    Date: 09/04/18