Welcome to the CMI Lab!

Research at the CMI lab focuses on developing computational techniques to design systems and methods for optimized performance in medical imaging tasks.

Lab theme: In medical imaging, image data is acquired for particular tasks, such as detecting a tumor or estimating a biomarker value from the patient image. Thus, the imaging systems and methods should be designed on the basis of their performance in the underlying task. Developing techniques to quantify this task performance using theoretical image science and computational imaging methods and then applying these techniques to design imaging systems and methods is the core theme of CMI lab.

The CMI lab has been set up as part of the Imaging Sciences Initiative at Washington University in St. Louis. Research in the lab is conducted within the Department of Biomedical Engineering and the Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology.

We acknowledge financial support from the NIBIB Trailblazer award, NVIDIA, SNMMI, WMIS, and other sources.