Three presentations at SNMMI 2021 Annual Meeting

Three presentations by our team and collaborators are being presented at the SNMMI Annual Meeting 2021. Links below:

Z. Li, N. Benabdallah, D. Abou, B. Baumann, R. Wahl, D. Thorek, A. K. Jha, “A projection-domain quantification method for absolute quantification with low-count SPECT for alpha-particle radiopharmaceutical therapy”, 

Y. Zhu, F.Yousefirizi, Z.Liu, I.Klyuzhin, A.Rahmim, A. K.Jha, “Comparing clinical evaluation of PET segmentation methods with reference-based metrics and no-gold-standard evaluation technique”,
Y. ZhuZ. LiuM. Bilgel, A. RahmimA. K. Jha,  No-gold-standard evaluation of partial volume compensation methods for brain PET,

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