Paper on evaluating realism of synthetic medical images accepted

Delighted to share that our paper titled “Observer-study-based approaches to quantitatively evaluate the realism of synthetic medical images” has been accepted to the Special Issue on Informatics tools in cancer research of the journal Physics in Medicine and Biology. Here is the open access link to the paper.

We are excited about this paper given the important need for methods to determine the realism of synthetic images, including a number of emerging AI-based image-synthesis methods. The paper proposes two observer-study-based approaches for this, and provides a tool to conduct a human-reader-based study to evaluate this realism. The tool is already being used by international groups! If you are interested in using the tool, it is openly available at the following link:

Congratulations to everyone involved with this highly collaborative study! Special congrats to Ziping, who is the first author on this paper!

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